Mathematics Teacher Education OER

In-depth blogs that tackle a lot of topics in meaningful ways.

National Council for Teachers of Mathematics– this blog is hosted by a premier mathematics education organization

Dan Meyer– one of my favorite blogs. You’ll find very practical resources as well as posts that handle bigger issues.

Marilyn Burns– amazing researcher and children’s book author. She transitioned to blogging extremely well.

Youcubed– though the entire site is amazing, this link focuses on writings that support teaching and learning

Illustrative Mathematics– great organization that has posts from a variety of writers.

Investigations– this the site from a solid textbook company that supports its work through blogging.

What do we know about how children think and make meaning in mathematics?

Embrace the Challenge– here’s a blog that does an amazing job at closely observing children’s thinking

Math is Figureoutable– solid site overall. The author does great work challenging the notion that we need to teach children algorithms.

Thinking Mathematically– Mark Chubb is an instructional coach who posts up-to-date research ideas in a very practical and student-focused way.

Graham Fletcher– in addition to providing some nice curriculum, Graham does great work in breaking down content and how children make sense of it.

What types of curriculum support in-depth student learning?

Math Coach’s Corner– This site focuses on providing practical resources for teachers

Talking Maths with Kids– Nice mix of practical resources with emphasis on student thinking.

Games– the whole site is great, but I’ve linked to the blog section to learn more about the games and their intent.

Joe Schwartz– practical ideas, often accompanied with student work samples.

Brian Bushart– nice vision of contemporary research with skill in creating new curriculum.

How do we teach mathematics in a way that supports equity?

Being Black at School– though not math specific, this resource is geared toward identifying and supporting the unique strengths of black children in schools.

Marian Dingle– she is wonderful at providing some very human reflection on teaching. She provides great insights how existing systems can be harmful to many students

Neplanta Teachers Community– This group approaches education with a social justice lens.

Hema Khodai– Hema is a practicing teacher who provides rich reflections related to issues of mathematics and race.

Lauren Baucom– practicing teacher and DESMOS fellow with great general reflections as well as reflections specific to mathematics and race.


Tracy Zager– Tracy’s writings vary, though all her posts demonstrate a wonderful understanding of the research in mathematics education.

Visuals and Representations– Berkeley Everett is a K-5 math coach who has created an amazing bank of visuals to support learning.

Robert Kaplinsky– prolific writer with some great posts about mathematics education.

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